Daisy and the Crimson Rose: A Pirate’s Tale : Book Review

Life is difficult, my dear. That you will soon learn. Society teaches us that men are stronger than women and that we cannot do everything a man does. But I will tell you for certain, that is very untrue. You can be just as strong , if not stronger, than any man. You can do whatever your heart desires. You can live your life like the princess you are.

Captain Willie Spade

Daisy, a tortured, fearful and silenced young woman, is set to be executed until a brave female pirate by the name of Captain Willie Spade saves her. Upon her rescue, Daisy is introduced to the all-female crew of the pirate ship, the Crimson Rose. Throughout her journey with these women, she discovers herself, as well as the ability to be strong, brave, and fight for what she wants and believes in. The introduction of the sisterhood opens Daisy’s eyes to a whole new world outside of her isolated existence she was previously trapped in, 17th century Virginia, and the fact that women are strong and empowered.

First of all, talk about some badass women. Each woman that is introduced in this book has a story to tell. A story of heartache and torture and how they had overcome the horrific beginnings to their lives and are now the crew of the Crimson Rose. These women with troubled pasts come together to create this amazing sisterhood and fight alongside each other to achieve the things they want most- respect, riches, and love. The women of the Crimson Rose are one of a kind and are feared.

Author Shoshana Louise’s writing is absolutely wonderful. She has the gift of truly grabbing the readers attention with such descriptive storytelling. You felt like you were there in the story and could picture everything perfectly, from the scenery to the exact characteristics of each character. I was hooked from the first chapter and was excited and anxious to learn more about Daisy and what the rest of the book had in store for her. I felt like the story line moved very quickly and a lot was going on, but I actually liked that. The story continued to flow nicely and I always appreciate when the author keeps the pace going.

Louise continues the theme of sisterhood and female empowerment throughout the entire book, and it’s amazing. I love the fact that Captain Willie Spade and her crew were the only pirate’s to successfully raid Le Isla de Las Sirenas, an attempt that had been made many times by men, because of the fact that they were women. They not only were successful at this, but they released the sirens of the island in doing so, showing the theme of women sticking together and helping one another.

This story is SO important. I think nowadays women forget that sticking together is crucial. We need to support one another and continue a trend of sisterhood. Although women have come a long way since the 17th century, when this story took place, these same values that were discussed in the book should still be followed. Women are strong, we can achieve anything, and we need to stick together.

I’ll admit, when I saw this was a pirate story, I wasn’t sure what to expect since I was never a huge fan of pirates. This book changed my mind on that entirely. I loved this story and the theme’s behind it and I enjoyed the pirate aspect of it more than I thought I would.

I really loved this book, but that cliffhanger! I don’t want to spoil anything, but I need to know what happens with Daisy! I am invested in these characters now and am rooting for that happy ending for Daisy.

If you’re looking for a story of badass female pirates who take their toxic pasts and turn it into their strengths, a story of treasure hunting and sailing the seas, this is the story for you. If not, read it anyway, it’s that good. Click on the image below to purchase your copy now!

5/5 Stars